In Memory of:
Genero Calabreese 1939 - 2010
Paul F. Dalgaard 1956 - 2011

Kaman Tool Corp. is a full service machine shop located in Cicero, IL.
bordering Chicago on the west side.

We have in house capabilities of CNC turning, CNC milling, plating, grinding, EDM machining,
MIG TIG & spot welding, stamping, die repair, welding, fabricating, cylinder boring, and assembly.

Kaman Tool Corp. will precision machine your parts per print, or reverse engineer parts per sample. Because of the wide variety of CNC machines and manual equipment we can do breakdown work, small runs, or production quantities.
As a full service machine shop we can furnish the raw material, or machine your material, be it steel, brass, stainless, plastic, forgings, castings, or something exotic.
With our Quality Control Department, we can supply inspection reports if requested.

Whether your looking to have a part machined or just looking to compare in-house costs please send us your request ( link), fax at 708-652-0940, call us at 708-652-9023, e-mail us

Kaman Tool Corp.
3147 S. Austin blvd.
Cicero - Illinois - 60804

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